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The Office of Christian Man: Applying Christ’s Three-fold Office to Men

If modern television sitcoms were the litmus test for masculinity, our expectations of men would be minimal. It’s no secret that for most of the last half century television has depicted fathers as incompetent buffoons often only featured to keep the laugh-track greased. Besides bringing home a paycheck (sometimes), TV dads mainly try to stay out of the way of their much better half. The negative influence such portrayal has had on the men that God intends to lead the home, the church, and to an extent, society, is hard to over-stress.

In contrast to cultural expectations, the Bible calls men to reflect Christ’s three-fold office of prophet, priest, and king. In fact, this is true of all believers.

The protestant reformation laid the ax to the root of the notion that only kings and clergy discharged an important office. The reformers understood the profound implications of Christ’s anointing by the Spirit to be God’s officer, fulfilling the three Old Testament offices. Beginning at Pentecost, Christ poured out this same Spirit upon his people (Acts 2:17), calling and equipping them to continue on earth his prophetic (Matt. 10:22), priestly (1 Pet. 2:5) and kingly work (Eph. 6:11).

By living out the three-fold office of Christ, our fathers, future fathers, and other single men will distinguish themselves from those who wrongly call themselves men, and inspire the respect and reverence of those they are called to lead.

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