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Making a Marriage: God’s Blueprint for Marital Success

Adam and Eve in the Garden [modest]To say that Christian marriage is under attack today is a great understatement. The statistics are telling. Fewer people are pursuing marriage and those who do are waiting longer to get married. In 1960 fifty-nine percent of eighteen to twenty-nine year-olds were married compared to just twenty percent in 2010. In 1960, the median age for entering marriage was in the early twenties; today it’s nearly thirty. As marriage has declined co-habitation has increased, nearly doubling since 1990. This data reflects changing opinions and practices relating to marriage; thirty-nine percent of Americans say they believe that marriage is becoming obsolete. At the same time concern for God’s basic definition of marriage is declining. For the first time in history the level of strong support for homosexual unions equals that of strong opposition (22%). And these statistics have not even touched on the problems found within Christian marriages.

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