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Here’s a short video on the intriguing life of Olympia Morata (1526-1555) made by a 3, 4, 6, and 32 year old.

Here are the lyrics:

Olympia Morata was born in 1526 in Ferrara, Italy. Her Father Fulvio helped to give her a very good education and to love and trust the God of Scripture. By age 12 she could speak Latin and Greek as well as Italian. When she was thirteen she entered an Italian court to educate the daughter of the duke and duchess of Este.

Olympia lived at court for eight years until her Father became ill. After Fulvio’s death Olympia returned to court only to find that she was no longer wanted.

In her twenty-fourth year, Olympia married Andreas Grunthler, a German doctor. Because of the dangers Protestants faced in Italy in the sixteenth century, Olympia and Andreas moved to Germany shortly after their marriage.

After a few happy years their town of Schweinfurt was occupied by the army of a German noble. Andreas worked tirelessly to help the injured soldiers and the plague infected citizens. The next year Schweinfurt was besieged and destroyed. Andreas and Olympia barely escape with their lives to Heidelberg Germany. Olympia, greatly weakened by consumption, died on October 26, 1555.

To find out more about Olympia’s life you can read “Weight of a Flame: The Passion of Olympia Morata” published by P&R

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