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"The Gospel Under the Northern Lights" (Review)

Imagine that you’ve been called to minister to a largely isolated community composed of an unfamiliar people group totaling less than 100 souls. The natural beauty of the place will be stunning. The opportunities for adventure will be nearly limitless. The locals will be hospitable. But you’ll have no regular phone service or reliable electricity. Snow will never be more than a few months away. During the brief summer the mosquitoes will swarm in clouds. Worst of all, the human brokenness will be palpable. And you’ll be moving there with your wife and two small children (with one more soon on the way).

These facts faced Rev. Wes Bredenhof (CanRC) as he considered the call to move to FortBabine, a small aboriginal town in central British Columbia, Canada. The Bredenhof’s nearly five year adventure is described in The Gospel under the Northern Lights: A Missionary Memoir.

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