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Guido de Bres on Religious Liberty

Religious Freedom RallyUnder the cover of darkness, almost exactly 450 years ago a young minister named Guido de Bres quietly crept up to the castle gate of Doornik, Belgium. Over this gate he threw a letter pleading for religious toleration along with a summary of the Christian faith. Within that castle slept King Philip II, leader of the Holy Roman Empire who for 40 years had been leading a brutal and bloody inquisition against evangelical believers in the Netherlands.

His situation was different than ours; indeed it was far worse. He writes of the “oppressions and tortures ending in the most shameful torments and death more cruel and barbaric than were ever invented…” But what we need to hear is that while he begs for religious freedom he also pledges that his fellow believers would honor the king in all things lawful and that they would strive to honor God in all things. In short they would be the best possible citizens of the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God.

What follows is a portion of de Bres’ letter

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